About Us

About us

L.paulet was founded in 1997 by Enrique Angulo Paulet and Beatriz Tomasio Cuadros. It started as a small company focused on the original development of garments using the best natural fibers of Peru.

Currently, we are a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of textile products based on Peruvian natural fibers, with extensive knowledge and experience of 17 years in the national and international market. We have the best designs and finishes recognized by our customers, for which we have the best human talent and machinery necessary.

The handmade products and garments are made with natural fibers (Baby Alpaca, Alpaca, Cotton and blends) and are made by women who seek to obtain a better quality of life for their family.

The vision of L.paulet is to be the best small company from Arequipa that transcends the knitting industry by the production of knitted and handmade garments based on natural fibers.

Mission - Fair Trade

Offer garments made with natural fibers such as alpaca, baby alpaca, blends and cotton, in order to offer our clients the most exclusive and best quality products, taking advantage of its benefits to generate less environmental impact and giving fair job opportunities to the community.


To be a Peruvian brand recognized for promoting the value of the product, being part of a fair chain.

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